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Our Tampa criminal defense fraud attorneys help those help to protect the right of those accused of a theft or fraud related crime. Theft is defined under the Florida Statutes as a person who knowingly, intentionally and unlawfully obtained or took another individual’s property either permanently or temporarily against their will or without their consent. There are several degrees of grand theft, all of which are felonies, while petit theft is a misdemeanor. The degree of theft that will be charged by a prosecutor is determined solely by the value of the item that was taken without consent or authority. There are many different types of grand theft. Shoplifting, if the dollar amount exceeds $300.00, is one type of grand theft. Another type of grand theft is grand theft motor vehicle, as the value of most automobiles exceeds $300.00. Theft of a firearm is also considered grand theft under the Florida Statutes and the theft of any firearm is a felony regardless of the value. Dealing in stolen property and theft of communications services are other types of theft charges punishable under Florida law. Both are criminal acts, and are seen as taking something from others without asking permission. Fraud charges usually involve allegations of deceit or trickery over another to gain profit.

Our Tampa Criminal Defense Fraud Attorneys Can Help You!

Criminal fraud cases handled by Kinney, Fernandez & Boire include both felony and misdemeanor crimes. Our criminal fraud attorneys provide aggressive criminal defense to those charged with a fraud, petty, or grand theft crimes. At our firm it’s important to us that we do not take on a high number of criminal cases. By keeping our criminal practice small we are able to provide unparalleled service and personalized attention to our clients. Taking on a high volume criminal practice can mean less individual attention and as a result, a client may not feel as confident in his or her representation. As a result, our clients feel confident that all possible defenses and options are pursued without hesitation and without any constraints from lack of time or from taking on too many criminal cases at one time. You will always deal personally and confidentially with a fraud lawyer, and in most cases, your lawyer can appear in court on your behalf and you may not have to attend all court proceedings, so as to avoid missing time from work, school, family and other obligations.



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The simple act of hiring a criminal defense fraud attorney does not automatically mean that a person charged with a criminal offense is going to receive a plea bargain or be found not guilty. But rest assured, we do all that we can to review and investigate each criminal case from beginning to end to ensure that constitutional rights have not been violated and to determine if the government has sufficient evidence to prove the case to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. Our job is to provide you with the most options while facing a criminal charge. We will help handle the entire process for you from the initial discovery stage and investigation to filing motions and conducting legal research. Our theft and fraud attorneys will help in picking juries and going to trial. Our office will spare no effort in zealously and ethically representing our clients. If you or a loved one has been or about to be charged with a fraud, petty theft, or grand theft criminal charge, we can help.

Click Here: Important information regarding Florida statutes on theft, fraud, and larceny.


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