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DUI Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one been the injured victim of an Intoxicated DUI accident? Or has a family member been injured or killed by a drunk driver? If so, there are serious issues you are facing. Our DUI accident lawyer has specific experience in both prosecuting DUI defendants on behalf of the State of Florida, as well as presenting claims for damages on behalf of those injured by drunk driving accidents.

Tampa Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers – Justice For DUI Accident Victims.

Our office of personal injury lawyers and paralegals follow a set of important guidelines when representing victims of drunk drivers. We will pursue all insurance claims, as well as investigate the drunk driver in order to pursue all reasonable means of compensation for damages. In the event punitive damages are legally allowed, meaning damages against the defendant intended to punish that person for their conduct, our personal injury lawyer will pursue all reasonable means of obtaining payment on behalf of our clients.

In addition, we communicate with the prosecuting authority in charges of convicting the drunk driver in order to obtain additional evidence in our case, as well as to assist on clients in obtaining justice through victim assistance programs. Often times our experience in criminal defense law becomes a valuable asset to our personal injury clients victimized by a DUI accident. Also, there are cases in which other defendants exist, such as a bar, restaurant, or private person who may hold some responsibility for getting the driver intoxicated and allowing them to drive.

Review our qualifications and contact our DUI car accident lawyer for a free consultation. You will pay nothing up front as our fees are contingent on a successful outcome and we can front all costs associated with the prosecution of your case. At KFB we’ll take you DUI related accident as seriously as it should be and we will strive to provide the utmost professional and compassionate representation.


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If you or a loved one has been injured in a DUI accident due to the negligent act of another, you should hire an attorney. The initial meeting with your personal injury lawyer is free. We work on a contingency fee which means we only collect a percentage of what we recover for you.

Click Here: Important information regarding personal injury and wrongful deaths caused by drunk driving accidents.

An Accident Is A Big Thing To Worry About, At KFBLAW, We Can Help You Get Back To Worrying About All The Little Things In Life.

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