Senior driving laws means elderly motorists may be subject to different rules

Driving Rules For Seniors In Florida

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 52 million members of the baby-boom population reached 65 years of age or older and represented 16% of the population in 2018. If current estimates prove to be correct, ...
Aggressive driving can cause accidents and injuries

Can You Sue Someone For Aggressive Driving or Road Rage?

You might want to be careful when driving the streets and highways in Tampa to avoid an accident caused by aggressive driving. According to published reports, Tampa-St. Petersburg is one of three areas in Florida, making it ...
No-fault accidents are meant to streamline compensation, but what happens when it doesn't account for your injuries

Is Florida a No-Fault State, and What Does It Mean For Drivers?

Until you suffer an injury in a car accident and need medical treatment, it's pretty easy to ignore the answer someone gets when they ask the question, "Is Florida a no-fault state?" If you did ...
A group of volunteers in the Metropolitan Ministries food bank.

Community Spotlight: Metropolitan Ministries

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many in the Tampa Bay Community have been dramatically impacted. While health and safety remain a top concern, some in our community are also experiencing economic hardship as ...
Someone Else Was Driving My Car and Got Into An Accident - Now What?

Someone Else Was Driving My Car and Got Into An Accident – Now What?

Chances are that you have at one time or another allowed someone to borrow your car. You probably never gave any thought to the consequences of an accident and being held liable to pay damage ...
Pills open on a counter can lead to accidental poisoning

Poisoning Injury Cases & Prevention

More than 2 million people reported poison exposures by calling poison control centers located throughout the United States in 2018. Florida call centers alone handled 110,246 callers reporting poison exposures. The vast majority of poisonings reported nationwide, 76.7%, ...
Airbag deployed in vehicle during car accident.

Your Right To Compensation for Airbag Injuries

If you drive a car or other passenger vehicle made in 1999 or later, it probably has airbags to protect the vehicle's occupants in case of a collision. Accident data compiled by the federal government ...
One of Tampa's dangerous intersections

Dangerous Intersections in Tampa Bay & How to Stay Safe

Florida has held the dubious distinction of being named the worst state in terms of fatalities caused by intersection crashes. There is a reason that the state transportation department designates intersections as "designed points of ...
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Picture of Smartwatch, which can provide data in your personal injury case.

Technology and Your Personal Injury Case: Friend or Foe?

Not long ago, photos of your car accident scene might have been unlikely unless someone with a camera happened to be on-site at the time of the crash. Smartphone cameras have made it possible for ...
Image of Tesla. Self-driving cars leading to self-driving car accidents.

Self-Driving Car Accidents Should Concern You

The launch of programs by Google and other companies to develop a driverless vehicle once likely sounded like fiction. Yet, a decade later self-driving vehicles are traveling the roads of cities across America. It was ...

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