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rental car accident

Navigating Rental Car Accidents While On Vacation

A rental car can be a valuable convenience when away from home on vacation. However, renting a car brings uncertainty and stress about what to do in case of a rental car accident.  What insurance…

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4th of july safety

4 Tips For 4th of July Safety

There’s something special about the 4th of July that people look forward to with anticipation regardless of your plans for the day. You may enjoy relaxing on a sandy beach in Tampa Bay, barbecuing hot…

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car sharing

Turo In Tampa: What To Know About The Car Sharing Service

Turo, the car sharing service that many people call the “Airbnb of cars,” has arrived in Tampa. This means we can finally avoid the shuttle bus ride from the arrivals terminal at Tampa Airport to…

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minor car accident

Don’t Downplay Injuries, Get Advice From A Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident

A lawyer for a minor car accident isn't needed, right? You may not think so. You feel okay and have no visible signs of an injury, but even minor collisions can cause severe and sometimes…

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ride to work

National Ride To Work Day, June 11, 2024

A car does not need to be your go-to means of transportation for the daily commute to work. Two national events remind us each year of alternative ways to accomplish daily commutes or errands around…

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florida pedestrian laws

Florida Pedestrian Laws: Making Streets Safer

If you’re wondering why we put together a comprehensive explanation of Florida pedestrian laws, there are 10,281 reasons. There were 10,281 pedestrian accidents in the Sunshine State with 782 deaths and 8,125 people suffering injuries.…

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personal injury attorney

Why Should I Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

If someone else's negligence injures you, personal injury law allows you to seek compensation from them. The liability insurance company of a reckless motorist or careless property owner isn't likely to hand over money easily…

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rainy season

April Showers, May Accidents: Tips for Safe Driving in Rainy Season

Tampa may not receive as much rainfall as other parts of the state, but it still experiences wet weather. The rainy season in Hillsborough County starts in May and continues through early October. Precipitation doesn’t…

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What Hazards Might A Motorcyclist Encounter?

For those who have never experienced the thrill and danger of riding a motorcycle, it's hard to grasp the risks that motorcyclists face every time they hit the road. A minor collision for a car…

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wrongful death

Seeking Justice: Understanding Wrongful Death Laws

The loss of a loved one is always a challenging time for surviving family members. It’s more difficult when someone else's negligence or intentional conduct causes the loss. Nothing can replace a departed loved one, but…

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motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle Awareness Month – How Do Crashes Happen?

There’s a reason you see so many motorcycles on the roads in Florida. The perfect year-round weather allows riders to enjoy the scenery and open roads that offer beachside spots to stop. Florida’s popularity for…

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slip and fall accident

Important Steps To Take After A Slip-And-Fall Accident in Florida

Most people have, at one time or another, fallen. Fortunately for most, the only injury was to their pride. However, more than one million people each year are not as fortunate and require treatment at…

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bicycle accidents

When Do Most Bicycle Accidents Occur?

Bicycling is a great activity for those who want to exercise while protecting the environment. Moreover, it offers an enjoyable means of commuting around town, easily adaptable as a family activity. Unfortunately, unless you limit…

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distracted driving

Stay Focused and Save Lives During National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Tampa is 14th on a list of the top cities in America with the most fatal accidents involving distracted motorists. Distracted driving causes 53,596 crashes on Florida roads that leave 268 people dead and cause…

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10 Deadliest Days Of The Year To Be Driving On The Road

If you need a reminder about the risks associated with driving, 3,398 people lost their lives in 393,856 crashes on Florida roads in 2023. These accounted for 251,576 injuries. Many factors contribute to causing car…

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