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Strict Liability

Strict Liability is the theory of having legal responsibility for an injury imposed on a wrongdoer without having to prove carelessness or fault. This imposes responsibility for damages and injuries even if the person found to be strictly liable was not specifically negligent or careless in their actions.

Strict liability has been associated with defectively manufactured products. It has also been applied to harm resulting from abnormally dangerous conditions and activities. You may be able to recover damages if the harm results from the miscarriage of an activity that, though lawful, is unusual, extraordinary, exceptional, or inappropriate in light of the place and manner where the activity is conducted. Common hazardous activities include storing explosives or flammable liquids, blasting, accumulating sewage, and emitting toxic fumes. Although these activities may be hazardous, they may be appropriate or normal in one location, but not another, and so strict liability could be a potential theory of recovery under certain circumstances.


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Injured plaintiffs have to prove the product caused the harm but do not have to prove exactly how the manufacturer was careless. Purchasers of the product, as well as injured guests, bystanders, and others with no direct relationship with the product, may sue for damages caused by the product. An injured party must prove that the item was defective, that the defect proximately caused the injury, and that the defect rendered the product unreasonably dangerous. Consumers or users of a product, and bystanders who suffer personal injury or damage to their property that is caused by a defective product, may be able to hold the manufacturer or seller of the product liable without having the burden of showing actual negligence or an intent by the manufacturer or seller to cause harm.

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