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taking accident scene photos

6 Tips for Taking Accident Scene Photos

Florida roads see their fair share of accidents. More than 254,000 people suffered injuries and another 2,951 lost their lives in crashes according to the most recent annual statistics compiled by the state. More than…

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prevent distracted driving

How You Can Prevent Distracted Driving

A nationwide study of driver behaviors ranked Florida as the second-worst state in the country for distracted driving. The most recently released statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles show that…

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How To Avoid Rollover Car Accidents

How To Avoid Rollover Car Accidents

Any type of car accident can cause serious personal injuries to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. However, rollover accidents seem to be particularly deadly according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While rollover crashes account…

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What You Need to Know About a Brain Injury Claim

What You Need To Know About A Brain Injury Claim

More than 5.3 million adults and children living in the United States have a permanent disability related to a brain injury. It is estimated that the number of people living in Florida with some form…

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Technology that can reduce car accidents

9 Safety Features That Can Reduce Car Accidents

Distracted driving caused 53,596 crashes on roads and highways in Florida in 2022. That’s 268 people killed and 2,574 injured because of a text message, a navigation device, or anything else that caused drivers to…

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Underinsured Motorist

Involved in an Underinsured Motorist Accident?

If you have an accident and think the company insuring the driver who was at fault will pay for your damages, you should know there is a better than one in four chance that the…

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Multiple Car Accident

Multi-Car Accident: Who is responsible and what happens after?

Road congestion has become as common to life in Florida as sunshine and sandy beaches, but the cars and other vehicles inevitably result in car accidents. According to preliminary data released by the Florida Department…

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A Spinal Cord Injury lawsuit can help address long lasting pain and suffering.

How Much Is A Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit Worth?

The frequency of people suffering catastrophic spinal cord injuries may surprise you. For example, estimates of people living with spinal cord injuries in the United States range from 249,000 to as many as 363,000, with approximately 17,700…

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Senior driving laws means elderly motorists may be subject to different rules

Driving Rules For Seniors In Florida

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that 52 million members of the baby-boom population reached 65 years of age or older and represented 16% of the population in 2018. If current estimates prove to be correct,…

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Aggressive driving can cause accidents and injuries

Can You Sue Someone For Aggressive Driving or Road Rage?

You might want to be careful when driving the streets and highways in Tampa to avoid an accident caused by aggressive driving. According to published reports, Tampa-St. Petersburg is one of three areas in Florida, making it…

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is florida a no fault state call for help

Is Florida a No Fault State, and What Does It Mean For Drivers?

If you get into a car crash, keep in mind that insurance regulations and policies can vary depending on which state a car accident occurred. Until you reach an “injury threshold”  in a no-fault car…

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Someone Else Was Driving My Car and Got Into An Accident – Now What?

Chances are that you have at one time or another allowed someone to borrow your car. You probably never gave any thought to the consequences of an accident and being held liable to pay damage…

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Airbag deployed in vehicle during car accident.

Your Right To Compensation for Airbag Injuries

If you drive a car or other passenger vehicle made in 1999 or later, it probably has airbags to protect the vehicle's occupants in case of a collision. Accident data compiled by the federal government…

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One of Tampa's dangerous intersections

Dangerous Intersections in Tampa Bay & How to Stay Safe

Florida has held the dubious distinction of being named the worst state in terms of fatalities caused by intersection crashes. There is a reason that the state transportation department designates intersections as "designed points of…

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Snowbird driving - Ohio license plate on Cadillac

Snowbird Driving: How To Avoid Some of the Worst Snowbird Habits

The term "snowbird" is used to describe people who escape the wintry northern weather to travel to sunny Florida. The southern migration begins as early as October and snowbird driving becomes more prevalent. It continues…

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