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4th of july safety

4 Tips For 4th of July Safety

There’s something special about the 4th of July that people look forward to with anticipation regardless of your plans for the day. You may enjoy relaxing on a sandy beach in Tampa Bay, barbecuing hot…

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cooking safety

Thanksgiving Disaster Prevention: Holiday Cooking Safety Tips 

A Thanksgiving Day photo usually shows a dining room table set with food awaiting the arrival of holiday guests. It’s easy to forget about the kitchen, where hours of preparation and cooking go into creating…

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protect against electrical burns

How To Protect Yourself Against Electrical Burns

Taking a closer look at electrical burns and how to protect yourself seems appropriate with this year's theme for National Burn Awareness Week being electrical safety. According to a paper published by the National Center…

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Fire safety is critical during winter months. picture of house on fire.

Fire Safety Tips for Winter Heating Season

Florida is known for its temperate climate and favorable winters. Still, the occasional cold snap can have us grabbing coats and scarves and turning on a rarely used heater. The truth is, whether you live…

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Seemingly simple fireworks, such as these sparklers, can cause a serious burn injury

Burn Injury FAQ – Staying Safe this Fourth of July

According to the CDC, more than 1.1 million burn injuries occur each year for which people seek medical care. The Fourth of July is the busiest day for emergency responders called upon to treat burns…

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hand with burn injury

Could Your Landlord Be Responsible for Your Burn Injury?

National Burn Awareness Week offers an opportunity to take a look at the cause of more than 486,000 people seeking medical treatment last year. Injuries associated with burns can be devastating. The physical and psychological…

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