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car accident

Finding the Accident Attorney to Protect Your Rights – What Every Car Accident Victim Needs to Know

Tampa Bay has undergone enormous growth in recent years. The build out of our urban corridor means that some of our busiest streets are now bustling with even more cars, bicyclists and pedestrians. More and…

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distracted driver on the phone

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

Each year, a large number of roadway accidents occur due to distracted driving. In 2014, of the 431,000 distracted driving accidents, nearly 4,000 resulted in fatalities. As the prevalence of smartphone ownership increases, these numbers…

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self driving car accident

Self-Driving Car Accidents: Who is at Fault?

Auto emergency braking. Air bags. Electronic stability control. Car manufacturers continue to develop ways to ensure that both car drivers and passengers remain safe in the case of an accident. One of the latest innovations…

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arm in cast

Your Personal Injury Questions Answered

Accidents, especially those involving personal injury, can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Navigating your way through the legalities of it all should be the least of your concerns. To help, we’ve compiled a list…

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headlights at night

Wrong Way Driving Countermeasures

Wrong way driving made news in Tampa Bay again this past weekend – making this blog series an all the more unfortunate topic. As our community mourns the loss of a respected law enforcement officer, many are…

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wrong way sign

Heading in the Wrong Direction: Frightening Trends in Wrong Way Driving

Just last week, we witnessed another video of a wrong way driver. This time, a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Officer came face-to-face with an intoxicated 21-year old as he barrelled down the wrong way of the interstate. Images,…

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sign agreement

Personal Injury: When is the right time to settle?

Being in an accident can be overwhelming and it is understandable that you may want to settle your personal injury case quickly. Doctors visits balanced with home life, meetings with lawyers criss-crossed with soccer practice.…

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