Crossword Puzzle

Need an Attorney right now? You've come to the right place.

Playing games is a great way to reduce the stress of an accident. So put on your thinking cap and have some fun.


1. Name of attorneys who use 50 years of experience to give clients the answers they need

5. What you’ll be treated with the moment you walk through our doors

7. Item you should use to record accident scene information

8. Trait used by KFB attorneys that puts you at ease

9. When you’re at ease, these anxious feelings fade away

13. What is the most common name a lawyer names their baby boy?

14. Failure to use reasonable care

16. Famous hat-wearing president who was also a lawyer

19. Your problem is our ___________.

21. When is the best time after an accident to hire an attorney

22. Day of the week with the most auto accidents

23. Without our experienced legal representation, many clients lose this dealing with the ordeal of an accident


2. Number of years of experience KFB attorneys put to work for you

3. What every phase of your case is handled with by our attorneys

4. According to an AT&T survey, 70% of accidents are the result of doing this

6. What you should look for in a personal injury attorney

10. What is the most common name a lawyer names their baby girl?

11. The state your life is in after an accident

12. What you’ll be every step of the way with a KFB attorney

15. How you’ll feel regarding how you’ll pay your medical bills without KFB

17. What we strive to get your life back to

18. What we expertly write, or an undergarment.

20. Tool used by our attorneys to ensure your case goes as smoothly as possible 


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