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mistakes after car accident

Most Common Mistakes Made After A Car Accident

A car accident is a sudden, unexpected event that happens often enough that you need to be prepared in advance to know what to do if it happens to you. According to the Florida Department…

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trailer hitch

What Happens When You Rear-End A Vehicle With A Trailer Hitch?

Accidents happen when drivers fail, even for only seconds, to pay attention to the road ahead of them. About 396,000 accidents occurred on Florida roadways last year, resulting in 3,516 deaths and 251,504 injuries. One…

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bumper-to-bumper traffic

How To Safely and Successfully Handle Tampa’s Bumper-To-Bumper Traffic

If it seems as though bumper-to-bumper traffic has become the norm in Tampa, it could have something to do with the millions of tourists flocking to Tampa and the nearly 445,000 new residents moving to…

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golf cart safety

Rules of The Road For Golf Carts In Florida

An extremely popular retirement community in Florida has approximately 120,000 residents. It also has 60,000 golf carts. Vehicles made to transport golfers during a round of golf have become commonplace on roadways throughout Florida. Counting…

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road trip safety

Your Summer Safety Road Trip Guide

Summer has officially arrived, and you’re ready to hit the road for a well-earned vacation. Prepare yourself, your vehicle, and car insurance for out-of-state travel if your vacation involves driving. You can do so by…

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summer accidents

Top 5 Tips To Help Prevent Summer Accidents

Florida weather makes it possible to enjoy typical summer activities, such as swimming, backyard parties, and boating, throughout the year. However, the activity level increases once the school year ends, and families flock to the…

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summer safety guide

Your Teen’s Summer Safety Guide

As teenagers grow up and start to explore the world on their own, it’s typical for their parents to be concerned about their safety. Parents can feel more at ease by teaching their teens how…

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florida hurricane season

How To Prepare For Florida Hurricane Season

Although early forecasts call for slightly below-average hurricane activity this year, the impact of a single, powerful storm can have devasting consequences. Regardless of what the experts predict, you need to prepare for Florida hurricane…

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workers compensation

Workers’ Compensation Case Guide – Are You Eligible?

If you suffer an injury or illness related to your job, you may be eligible for benefits through workers’ compensation. A workers’ compensation system has been created in every state, including Florida. The purpose of…

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world hunger day

Kinney, Fernandez & Boire Joins Feeding Tampa Bay In The Fight To End Hunger

The Tampa law firm of Kinney, Fernandez & Boire (KFB) stands out for its philanthropic efforts through its Community Action Program. KFB empowers the efforts of its employees to commit time and resources to local…

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motorcycle accident compensation

Am I Eligible For Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident With Or Without Wearing A Helmet?

Florida’s weather and scenic beauty make it an ideal place to own and ride a motorcycle. Regrettably, the prevalence of motorcycle riding is evident in the 2,482 accidents that have taken place in the Sunshine…

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tort reform law

Florida Tort Reform Law – What Does It Mean For You?

If you suffered injuries from one of the 15,000+ car accidents that occurred on Florida's roadways this year, it's crucial that you're aware of the sweeping changes made to the state's personal injury laws that…

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florida heat

5 Ways To Beat The Heat in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Health, stress reduction, increased energy, and improved concentration are only some of the benefits of incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle. Whether you participate in golf, tennis, and other…

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motorcycle accident misconceptions

Common Motorcycle Accident Misconceptions

It's outstanding weather throughout most of the year in Florida. Because of this, Florida is an ideal place to ride a motorcycle. Just look around on any given day and notice how many motorcycles are…

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stress driving

How Does Stress Affect Driving?

Stress is that physical and emotional feeling that makes you slam on your brakes to avoid hitting a car that suddenly stopped in front of you. It’s how people react to challenging or demanding situations…

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