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traumatic brain injury

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, affect how the brain functions. According to the most recently available data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, TBIs claimed the lives of 69,000 people in 2021, with…

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DASH Tampa

Downtown Tampa’s New DASH Car Service: What To Know

A new ride-share service makes getting around Downtown Tampa convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly. DASH, which stands for Downtown Area Shared Hubs, allows you to use an app to summon a yellow Tesla Model Y…

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Child Safety: Risks & Tips With Holiday Toys

If you want to remain popular with the children on your holiday gift, you’ll shop for toys. The challenge is finding toys kids want while avoiding anything that could hurt them. It’s not as easy…

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holiday car accident

Why Are Car Accidents So Common During The Holidays?

Most folks look forward to the holiday season and the opportunity to get together with friends and relatives. Unfortunately, the holiday season is the deadliest time of the year for drivers and occupants of cars,…

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Safety Tips and Precautions To Take During The Holiday Hustle

The holiday season should be a time to create memories of visits with family and friends and enjoying the brightly colored lights and decorations at stores and homes. No one wants their holiday festivities ruined…

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impaired driving

KFB Honors National Impaired Driving Prevention Month In Tampa Bay

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, impaired driving fatalities during the Christmas-New Year period account for one-third of annual traffic deaths. It’s no coincidence December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.  KFB Law…

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giving tuesday

Corporate Giving: How KFB Law Gives Back This Holiday Season

Giving Tuesday is an annual global movement that encourages people to come together and give back to their communities. It is a day to celebrate generosity and support the causes that matter most to us.…

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holiday travel

Traveling Abroad This Holiday Season? Here’s What You Need To Know

The holiday season is in full swing, and for millions of people that means traveling abroad. Wherever your travel plans take you, remember that accidents and mishaps in another country create additional challenges you need…

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seat belts

National Seat Belt Day – How Important Are Seat Belts In An Accident?

“Seat belts save lives” is more than merely a catchy slogan. When properly used, they the risk of death and serious injuries in a car crash by 50%. You might think that saving lives and…

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cooking safety

Thanksgiving Disaster Prevention: Holiday Cooking Safety Tips 

A Thanksgiving Day photo usually shows a dining room table set with food awaiting the arrival of holiday guests. It’s easy to forget about the kitchen, where hours of preparation and cooking go into creating…

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daylight saving

Does Daylight Saving Time Ending Cause More Accidents? 

If you’re an hour early for an appointment on November 6, you probably forgot to set your clocks back one hour the night before. Two o’clock in the morning on November 5, 2023, marks the…

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rear-end collisions

Rear-End Car Accidents: Is It Always Your Fault?

People assume the rear driver is at fault in rear-end collisions. In most instances, this assumption would be correct, but not always. Decisions from car accident cases in Florida have established a presumption that the…

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post-accident trauma mental health

Can Post-Accident Trauma Affect Your Mental Health?

Broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, and other physical injuries are what typically come to mind when you hear about someone being injured in a car accident. Less frequently considered is the effect of a car…

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self-driving cars

What We Now Know About Self-Driving Cars

Imagine reading a book while a self-driving car effortlessly navigates busy Tampa streets—it's closer to reality than you'd imagine. Tesla, Google, and Uber are only a few corporations heavily invested in and committed to developing…

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teen drivers

The Risks Presented By Teen Drivers

Most teenagers look forward to the day when they receive their driver’s license. For many teen drivers, this means freedom and independence, but getting behind the wheel of a car also comes with responsibilities and…

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