Year in Review: Unusual Legal Cases in 2015

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By Marcus Fernandez

As the year draws to a close, it’s not uncommon to reflect on everything that’s happened during the prior twelve months. As a personal injury attorney that means revisiting some of the unusual cases that earned headlines this year. Whether it’s unusual legal claims, or dumb criminals, 2015 was riddled with stories that often had us shaking our head.

Our round-up of unusual legal incidents:

Rick Springfield’s Butt Injury Case

Typically, fans love when a musician goes into the crowd during their performance, and it was a schtick occurred regularly in Rick Springfield’s shows. The artist stated that he would perform, interact with fans, and even high-five, but one fan sued Springfield saying that she was hit with something other than his hand – it was actually his butt. The claimant stated that after being hit in the head with Springfield’s posterior, she had to be taken to the hospital and has since suffered “serious, disabling, and permanent injuries.” Rather than settle the case, Springfield insisted on fighting what he called a “frivolous claim.”  A New York Supreme Court judge agreed with the singer this past January, dismissing all claims.

Amputated Leg Found in Trash

Once a limb is amputated, hospital procedure typically calls for it to be incinerated by staff. A Key Largo man, who visited Doctors Hospital in Miami, believed that was what had become of his amputated leg. However, nearly one month after his amputation the man was greeted at his home by police who had suspected he had become victim to foul play when they found his detached leg in a local waste management facility. The man has now filed suit against the hospital claiming public embarrassment, invasion of privacy and emotional distress amongst his sufferings.

Honesty from Alcohol

In June, a Kentucky man decided to take a more proactive approach to his arrest for driving under the influence when he drove while drunk to the local police station to turn himself in. The man drank his last pint of beer before driving to station and slamming on the brakes, narrowly missing a patrol car. When he was approached by officers, he also attempted to drink a bottle of fuel injector that was stored inside the vehicle. This wasn’t Kentucky’s only unusual legal incident this year. In April, a Kentucky man was arrested for DUI while riding his horse.

Hug Gone Wrong

An injury stemming from a loving, but perhaps over-zealous hug, made national headlines this past year. A woman claimed that her 8-year old nephew lept into her arms when trying to give her a hug causing her to fall and injure her wrist. She stated that her life had been “turned upside down” since the injury, and decided to sue the minor for damages totalling $127,000. Although she later claimed that she “never comfortable” suing her own nephew, she was required to list him as the individual being sued in order to file against the homeowners’ insurance. A New York Supreme Court disagreed with the aunt, and dismissed her claim in October.

Giant Pinecone Causes Injury

When a relaxing nap under a tree was interrupted by a falling 16 pound pine cone, a California man filed suit against U.S. Department of Interior and the Maritime National Park for nearly $5 million in damages. His filing documents cited that the park did not display any warnings against the possibility of falling pine cones, and he claimed that the falling object caused significant and lasting brain damage. Since his injury, signs have been installed at the park to warn visitors of potential risk.


Of course, we can’t guarantee that 2015 will be the last year for these unusual legal stories. However, we can assure that should you be injured in an accident you can count on our team to help take care of the big headaches, so you can get back to worrying about the little things in life.