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What to Do When Faced with a Wrong Way Driver

It’s an instance where you only have seconds to react. Faced with the bright lights of a vehicle as it approaches you, you are witnessing a wrong way driver in action. It’s an unfortunate situation…

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headlights at night

Wrong Way Driving Countermeasures

Wrong way driving made news in Tampa Bay again this past weekend – making this blog series an all the more unfortunate topic. As our community mourns the loss of a respected law enforcement officer, many are…

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wrong way sign

Heading in the Wrong Direction: Frightening Trends in Wrong Way Driving

Just last week, we witnessed another video of a wrong way driver. This time, a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Officer came face-to-face with an intoxicated 21-year old as he barrelled down the wrong way of the interstate. Images,…

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