What to do if you have suffered a dog bite from someone else’s dog

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By Marcus Fernandez

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend,” but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily everyone’s friend. Regardless of size, a dog bite can inflict serious harm and personal distress on both adults and children. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, one out of every five dog bites causes an injury that requires medical attention. Dog bite injuries can include cuts, lacerations, broken bones, tissue injuries, scarring and other permanent injuries.

If you or a loved one are attacked by someone else’s dog, the dog owner can be held liable and you could be entitled to compensation. In this video blog post, Marcus Fernandez of Kinney, Fernandez & Boire helps explain important steps you should take following a serious dog bite.

“What to do if you have suffered a dog bite from someone else’s dog” Vlog Transcript:

“We have a lot of experience handling dog bite cases. They happen quite frequently in the state of Florida and throughout our country. In fact, on average, about 4.5 million people are bitten each year by dogs. There’s a handful of things that you should do right away if you find yourself in that situation. One, you want to make sure you get immediate medical attention. You want to make sure to identify who the owner of the dog was. You want to make sure to report it to animal services and find out what that dog’s medical history was to make sure that you can get the right kind of treatment, and you should contact a lawyer who has experience identifying insurance coverage for injuries that you’ve sustained as a result of that dog bite. If you need our help, you can find us at KFBLaw.com and reach out for a free consultation.”


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