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pregnancy-related injury

What To Do When You Suffer a Pregnancy-Related Injury

Although the United States spends more money on hospital-based maternity care than any other country, its maternal mortality rate is higher than all other developed countries in the world. The rate of maternal mortality in…

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school zone driving laws

What Are The Laws For Driving In A School Zone?

Children are particularly vulnerable to dying in motor vehicle crashes according to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The number of Florida children killed in vehicle crashes increased 32% from the previous year.…

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marijuana driving laws explained

Marijuana Driving Laws In Florida

Marijuana possession has been illegal under federal law and state law for decades. However, many state legislatures have enacted laws legalizing use for medical purposes. And, in some cases, for recreational use by adults. Federal…

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water safety

The 10 Basic Rules of Water Safety

Water activities offer a way to beat the heat of summer in Tampa, Florida. What better way to cool off than swimming, boating or just dipping your toes in a kiddie pool? Perhaps while enjoying…

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ride a bike on the sidewalk

Can I Ride a Bike On The Sidewalk In Florida?

The City of Tampa boasts more than 130 miles of roadways to accommodate bicycle riders. It also tops the nation for bicycle-friendly businesses. Before dusting off the two-wheeler to head out for a ride around…

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heatstroke prevention

Heatstroke Prevention Tips To Protect Children

While many parts of the country only experience hot, humid weather during July and August, Tampa, Florida, residents learn to live with summer-like weather throughout most of the year. That may be ideal for outdoor…

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florida pedestrian deaths

Florida Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise

The ongoing conflict between Florida pedestrians and motorists seems to have taken a deadly turn with 444 walkers killed in the Sunshine State in 2021. According to a recently released report from the Governors Highway…

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10 Essential Bicycle Safety Tips for the New Rider

Whether the incentive is health, cost savings, or just fun in the great outdoors, more and more people are taking to the road on two wheels. Riding a bike has a number of important benefits,…

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How Do People Become Addicted to Opioids? Recognizing the Risks of Dependency

When they were first introduced by the pharmaceutical companies that invented them, the new class of opioid pain medications was touted as game-changers. Drugs that were powerful, effective, long-lasting, and most importantly non-addictive. Over time,…

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The effects of chronic opioid use

More Than Just the Risk of Overdose: The Long Term Consequences of Chronic Opioid Use

When it comes to the use of opioids, including illegal drugs like heroin and legal ones like the powerful new class of painkillers, many people focus on the immediate risks, namely the dangers of a…

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Safest motorcycle brands

What Are The Safest Motorcycle Brands?

As exhilarating and enjoyable as driving a motorcycle may be, crash statistics prove that it's also a dangerous activity. Of the total number of fatalities from traffic accidents, 14% of them involved a motorcycle. A…

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infected dog bite

How To Tell If A Dog Bite Is Infected, And Can You Sue?

The most recent survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) puts the dog population in the United States at 76.8 million with more than 38% of households having at least one dog. Dogs become…

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Dangerous roads for pedestrians in Tampa

The Most Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians in Tampa

Tampa, with it's fantastic weather and interesting places to visit, should be the perfect place to take a walk. However, its status as the eighth most dangerous place in the country for pedestrians says otherwise.…

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install a car seat

How To Properly Install A Car Seat

More children between the ages of 3-14 die from motor vehicle accidents than from any other cause. Crash data proves that the use of child seats reduces the risk of injury by up to 82%…

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safety tips for pedestrians

Back To School Safety Tips for Pedestrians

During the course of an average day, all of us become pedestrians at one point or another. As children head back to school, this is an excellent time for parents to share safety tips for…

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