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taking a photo of a car accidentWe understand how it is. Your life is moving along as usual and then without warning an auto accident turns your life upside down. Whether it’s big or small, one thing is for certain, you suddenly have this big thing to worry about and you need a Brandon car accident attorney quickly. Not just any attorney–you need a seasoned, experienced attorney who will diligently work for you.

Our Brandon, FL car accident lawyer can help answer the many questions swirling around you:

  • Do I need a Brandon car accident attorney?
  • What should I look for in hiring a car accident lawyer in Brandon?
  • How much is hiring a auto accident attorney going to cost?
  • What amount of damages am I entitled to?

I hire a Brandon car accident attorney. Now what?

First, hiring a Brandon personal injury lawyer is a big deal. Not all are created equal. It is important to meet with the Brandon auto accident attorney who is going to handle your case right away.

If you can’t get your auto accident attorney on the phone or feel like you’re getting the runaround on the first call, how do you think the rest of the relationship is going to go?

We’ll put you at ease at our very first meeting.

At our first attorney-client meeting you’ll:

  • Meet the Brandon auto accident attorney who will handle your auto accident case from start to finish.
  • Get a full breakdown of what to expect and how our firm is going to help you.
  • Get help answering the questions you may have regarding how to get the medical care you need, how to handle bills from your car accident case, and more.

Get the right information you need to hire your auto accident attorney in Brandon.

This information can’t be found on a website, nor can it be located on a 1-800 number phone call. The answers to the questions you have after an auto accident should come from a face-to-face meeting, or phone interview with an experienced personal injury attorney in Brandon.  Here are some important things we will do to investigate the case:

  • First, understand that we work on a contingency fee. This means that as your auto accident attorney, we only collect a percentage of what we recover for you.
  • If you need help finding medical care, our auto accident attorneys can point you in the right direction by helping you find a medical provider suited for the injuries you have suffered.
  • Because there are several different ways to help with your medical care cost, we’ll first look to your auto insurance policy and use your PIP (personal injury protection) benefits.
  • It’s important to get medical care within 14 days of a car accident. If you don’t seek immediate medical care, you could risk losing up to $7,500 in medical benefits.
  • If you have health insurance, you can potentially use that coverage to help pay for any medical care.

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We look into the person who caused your accident because many factors come into play when determining who and when your medical care costs will be paid. But rest assured your motor vehicle accident attorney will fully advise you on this matter, and we understand how important your case and well-being are.

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An Accident Is A Big Thing To Worry About, At KFBLAW, We Can Help You Get Back To Worrying About All The Little Things In Life.

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