The Need for Holiday Giving in a Global Pandemic

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By Marcus Fernandez

It’s been a tough year for everyone. The global pandemic has affected our health, finances, livelihoods, education and relationships. According to the Tampa Bay Times, unemployment applications are nearly seven times their pre-pandemic levels and mortgage delinquencies in Florida are five percent higher year over year. The need for holiday giving is greater than ever.

Due to COVID-19, nonprofit services are in high demand. Yet, the coronavirus is also largely responsible for these same organizations struggling. They’re experiencing decreased donations, limited resources, and adapting to new processes.

Just over five years ago, we started our Community Action Program with the goal of enriching others in our community through charitable giving and volunteerism. This year, the need for holiday giving is greater than ever. We are stepping up during these challenging times to help our Tampa Bay community and, if you can, hope you will too. Please consider giving to one of these incredible local nonprofits this holiday season.

Metropolitan Ministries

Since 1972, Metropolitan Ministries has cared for individuals who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The organization provides food and resources to get them on a path to independence. The organization was founded by 13 local churches who unified to continue their fight against the growing issue of homelessness in Tampa Bay.

Last year, Metropolitan Ministries served meals to 26,000 families during the holiday season. Following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, they estimate that more than 50,000 families will need their support this December. That’s an increase of nearly 100 percent. Coming up with the greater demand of food, gifts, and shelter this holiday season requires support from donors and volunteers like you.

KFB Law and Metro Ministries team up to raise $20,000

Earlier this year, Kinney, Fernandez and Boire, P.A. created a matching fund, which we called $20K in 20 Days for Metropolitan Ministries. We invited the community to donate via our dedicated GoFundMe page and for every dollar contributed we pledged to match it up to $10,000, ultimately providing $20,000 to those in need in our community.

We were overwhelmed with the generosity from this community. Our GoFundMe page raised $5,400 from 20 families and individuals. While we didn’t raise our goal of $10,000, we still contributed the full $10,000, totaling a donation of $15,400 to help fight hunger and homlessness in Tampa Bay.

Right now, Metropolitan Ministries faces a shortage of toys, gifts and food at their 2020 Holiday Tent. We can help bring joy to 50,000 families in need! Make a child’s year by purchasing toys or food using the online shopping tool. Choose from gift lists on Amazon, Target and Walmart. It’s super easy and so rewarding.

Hillsborough Sheriff’s One Pitch Softball Tournament

We were beyond thrilled to support Sheriff Chad Chronister’s One Pitch Softball Tournament for another year.

This double-elimination tournament took place at Ed Radice Sports Complex on November 14. Sixteen coed teams and seven men’s teams took the field for a day of fun benefiting Hands Across the Bay. The event was a huge success, raising $12,500 for the Tampa Bay community.

You can make a big difference this holiday season by donating to Hands Across the Bay, an organization that helps stabilize families in crisis, supports small local organizations, and spreads love through random acts of kindness. Donate here to keep them operating and changing lives through the pandemic.

Holiday Giving with 100 Meals 

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KFB Law is proud to be a donor to 100 Meals. This grassroots organization prepares and delivers 100 meals to those in need in the city of Tampa on Thanksgiving day. This November 2020 marked the nonprofits sixth year, impacting hundreds of lives.

On Thanksgiving morning, 100 Meals sets up in downtown Tampa, next to local nonprofit No Strings Attached, which distributes clothing, shoes and toiletries to the same group. Each guest is invited to gather needed items from No Strings Attached and then visit the 100 Meals tent for a warm meal. 

This year was especially difficult due to COVID-19 health concerns. But that didn’t stop the organizers and volunteers. Instead of having a large gathering, they packed up their vehicles on Thanksgiving morning and drove out to find homeless and impoverished individuals living in our community and safely delivered care packages with food, toiletries, and clothes.

100 Meals isn’t just about giving meals to those in need. It’s about sharing a meal and creating a sense of family on what could be a lonely day. Although they couldn’t gather this year, each meal was adorned with a handwritten note of love from Local Girl Scouts.

Inspired and led by Tampa Bay resident Nik-kia Thomas, 100 Meals continues to operate on generosity and teamwork. To find out how you can support future 100 Meals, visit their website and follow their Facebook page. You can also support the incredible work being done by No Strings Attached during the Christmas holiday by visiting their website