What should you do if injured at the gym?

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By Marcus Fernandez

With summer already here, many people are heading to the gym to stay healthy. As you head to your favorite gym, you may notice some pieces of workout equipment or unsterile areas that pose a danger to you or others. Posting proper warning signs on equipment, maintaining a clean environment, and working to prevent injuries caused by other gym members are just some of the ways gyms should be keeping their facilities safe for you. If your gym has exhibited negligence that has resulted in an injury, you could have a case – even if you’ve signed a liability waiver.

In this video blog, Marcus Fernandez of Kinney, Fernandez & Boire explains the scenarios in which your gym or workout facility might be held responsible for your injury and what you must do if you are hurt at your gym or workout facility.

“What should you do if injured at the gym?” Vlog Transcript:

“There are a number of different ways that people get injured at gyms. They still have an avenue for recovery, even if they’ve signed a liability waiver. These waivers can often times get challenged in court. There are three main ways that people get injured at gyms:

  • We have an unsafe environment where the gym isn’t being kept in a cleanly manner or a sterile manner.
  • Where you have unsafe equipment or equipment doesn’t have proper warnings.
  • Or there are injuries that come from other members, whether unintentional, by accident, or an intentional type of injury.

If you’ve been injured at a gym, reach out to an attorney who’s had experience in handling these types of cases. For more information, you can find us at kfblaw.com.”

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