Kinney, Fernandez & Boire Joins Feeding Tampa Bay In The Fight To End Hunger

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By Marcus Fernandez

The Tampa law firm of Kinney, Fernandez & Boire (KFB) stands out for its philanthropic efforts through its Community Action Program. KFB empowers the efforts of its employees to commit time and resources to local nonprofits. They strive to make the Tampa Bay community a better place for everyone.

Helping reach the goal of ending hunger in Tampa by 2025

KFB has been a proud supporter of Feeding Tampa Bay, a local nonprofit committed to the creation of a hunger-free Tampa Bay. Feeding Tampa Bay focuses on providing food assistance to almost one-million food-insecure families. These families are located in the 10 counties that make up the area of West Central Florida. This is where hunger affects the lives of one-in-six people every day. Their goal is to end hunger in the region in the next two years.

Feeding Tampa Bay opening new facility

The mission of Feeding Tampa Bay is to fight against hunger in the community one meal at a time. They serve as a food bank to collect and distribute food to people in need in the Tampa Bay area. Looking to the future, and in furtherance of its efforts, Feeding Tampa Bay broke ground in October 2022 for the construction of a facility. This new facility will be almost double the capacity of the warehouse that it currently uses. 

Included in the new facility will be a health clinic, grocery store, community center, and a culinary training center. The new facility and its expanded services are part of the goal that Feeding Tampa Bay is striving to achieve. This goal is to end food insecurity and hunger in the region by 2025. 

World Hunger Day on May 28

KFB has joined with other local businesses and organizations that share the vision of a Tampa Bay, where everyone has access to food, and no one goes hungry. KFB and other organizations have joined the Annual Partner of Feeding Tampa Bay. This gives them early access to the many volunteer opportunities to better the community along with public recognition on the Feeding Tampa Bay website and in its social media and other digital media.

One of the highlights for everyone at KFB this year is the opportunity to raise awareness and inspire action toward ending poverty and hunger. World Hunger Day takes place on May 28, 2023. KFB employees will join the global movement this year. They’ll partner alongside Feeding Tampa Bay, for a day committed to donating, volunteering, and advocating for our neighbors here in Tampa Bay, and for people around the world who struggle with hunger and food insecurity every day of their lives.

Feeding Tampa Bay programs

Addressing hunger in the region takes many forms. For example, Feeding Tampa Bay and its partnering organizations provide snacks for children on weekends and during school breaks. This is when meal programs through local school districts are not operating. The School Pantry Program and the Summer BreakSpot Program fill a void to prevent children from going hungry when school lunch programs are not available to them.

The summer program provides lunch and snacks during the week while the School Pantry program makes groceries for school children and their families. The goal of these programs is to fill the void left when schools close. They make food available to students who might otherwise miss out on meals, as well.

Diabetes and other adverse health issues are associated with food insecurity. A lack of healthy food has been shown to lead to impairment of a child’s development. This directly affects how well they do academically. Food insecurity contributes to an increased risk of children developing anemia, asthma, and other chronic illnesses.

What can you do to end hunger in our community?

Everyone can help in the fight to eradicate hunger and food insecurity. KFB encourages people to volunteer with Feeding Tampa Bay or any of the other community-based organizations. Whether you decide to work in a warehouse or go out on a truck to distribute food in the community, your efforts can make a difference in the life of someone who is without food.

If you cannot volunteer, there are other ways that you can help to end hunger. A donation of nonperishable food items or organizing a food drive at your job, place of business, or in your community will go a long way toward helping Feeding Tampa Bay to meet its goal of ending hunger in the region by 2025.

Join all of us from the Kinney, Fernandez & Boire law office Community Action Program on World Hunger Day on May 28, 2023, as we lend our support to Feeding Tampa Bay and its efforts to end hunger in Tampa Bay and the West Central Florida region. Contact us to learn about how you can help.