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Burn Injury Lawyer

tampa burn injury lawyerHave you or someone you love suffered severe burns as the results of the negligence of another? You need to hire a burn injury lawyer to help protect your rights.

There can be a variety of reasons, sources, and severity of burn injuries. Severe burns are extremely painful even with the most sophisticated medical help and quality 3rd degree burn treatment. The chances of permanent disability or disfigurement are quite high.

Sometimes, severe burns cause 3rd degree burn injuries which penetrate superficial skin and go deeper causing devastating affects to tissue.  A 3rd degree burn destroys muscles, ligaments, and blood vessels. Often, a 3rd degree burn injury may affect vital organs in the body such as the lungs, kidneys and heart. In the majority of  severe burn injury cases permanent deformities & disabilities result from the deep 3rd degree burn.


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At KFB Law, our Tampa burn injury attorney is experienced in dealing with traumatic burn injuries. We will work with our client, medical providers, and other experts such as engineers and investigators. Together, we will assist in your recovery and documentation of all damages arising from your injury. In a burn injury case, it is important to understand the need for proper documentation of injuries and treatments.

Our Tampa Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help Answer Your Questions

  • Is a severe 3rd degree burn considered a permanent injury?
  • Will future medical care be needed?
  • How much will the severe burn injury treatment cost?
  • Will the burn injury result in restrictions on a person’s activities in the future?

Lots of other issues can arise, and it takes an experienced and dedicated burn injury attorney to deal with them. Our burn injury attorney is committed to maximizing a client’s monetary benefits. We will make the best use of the rules, procedures and laws governing the prosecution of personal injury claims. By doing so, we can position a client’s burn accident case in the best way possible to ensure a successful outcome.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a severe burn due to the negligent act of another, you should hire a personal injury attorney.  The initial meeting with your personal injury attorney is free. We work on a contingency fee, which means we only collect a percentage of what we recover for you.

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