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At KFB Law, our Tampa insurance dispute and claims attorney represents a wide range of insurance law practice areas. Our insurance lawyer helps client with everything from general insurance disputes such as disagreements with insurance companies following an accident.  We can also help if of some kind of problem arises with your insurance company over payment of medical bills, property damage, or lost wages. If you have a case where you have found yourself in a dispute with an insurance company, regardless of the reason or the type of insurance coverage, our insurance lawyer can help.

Our Tampa Insurance Attorney Can Help You Navigate Insurance Disputes

In many respects, an insurance policy is a basic contract no different than any other contract such as a contract to buy a car, a real estate contract, or an employment contract. All contracts have terms and conditions, which spell out what either side of the contract has to do, what they have to provide, and how they have to behave with respect to the other party in the contract. These are the basic rules by which the parties of the contract must abide. The terms and conditions also contain the benefits that are provided by the contract. For example, a benefit that may be available under an insurance contract (the policy) could include payment for medical expenses or property damage.

In some cases, insurance polices and the laws of our state allow for an insured party (you) to get your attorney’s fees and costs paid by the insurance company if you prevail in a lawsuit. In other disputes there are no automatic provisions for payment of attorney’s fees or costs. If you have any questions about an insurance dispute or claim in Tampa, please contact our insurance attorney for a free consultation.

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